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For many of us who have a “desk job,” sitting is life. I grew up convinced that the whole point of going to college was so I could get a job that lets me sit all day instead of work in a coal mine and get black lung. You know what I’m talking about.

Maybe you’ve got a nice mahogany desk with a Herman Miller Aeron chair. I sit in a small gray cubicle on an old duct-taped chair (but it’s nice black duct tape, so I’ve got that going for me). An occasional break or meeting, but otherwise, you’re chair-bound as your puny muscles slowly atrophy.

You’re not office warrior. You’re office schlub.

Is that what you want?

I’ve been testing out a couple of things that I think you should add to your office warrior arsenal, assuming you don’t want to be “office schlub.”

  1. Watch and do these ridiculously easy, just slightly awkward, exercises to improve your posture. (You’ll thank me later.)
  2. Get a Furinno A6.

The Furinno A6 is a sturdy adjustable laptop stand for working out of the chair and in the zone.

I’ve been excited by the promise of healthier office work since I first heard about things like the TrekDesk (and let’s not forget the hamster wheel desk).

But not everybody has the means or the ambition for one of these. Luckily, the Furinno is a commitment-light solution that falls nicely between high-end motorized desks and the precarious stack of outdated statistics books my PhD student friend uses.

With 3 adjustable hinge points, I can decide just how high I want it to sit or I can collapse it for easy storage.


Performance Review

After using the Furinno A6 for a week, I’ve reached a couple of conclusions:

  • Standing work is an adjustment. It won’t feel very intuitive at first to be on your feet like this. I found it threw my focus off a little bit initially. But with repeated usage, that comfort has been replaced with motivation. Physically working a little bit for my work has made that work more focused and deliberate. It’s a feeling I enjoy.
  • The A6 is really capable. It does what it needs to–disappear into the background. When you’re working, you don’t want your attention drawn to the stability of what you’re working on, like a wobbly chair. The A6 is surprisingly stable, given its lightweight aluminum body. Even when I leaned into the keyboard a little, I never had to worry. Granted, it’s no table, but it is solid for all types of computer work. You can also get side attachments for a mouse if that’s your style.
  • The A6 is a great addition to my work toolset. I love working with it! I can’t say it will be a permanent piece of every workday because (1) standing work is fatiguing, and (2) you’re out of luck if you need a multi-monitor setup (unless you’ve got something else sturdy to prop up a monitor). But I’m excited to try out other configurations for working or even just having better posture by adding some elevation to my sitting work.

So definitely check out Furinno if you’d like to add some variety to your work and inject some healthier habits. The A6 comes in multiple colors, and there are other models like the X7 that come with a cooling fan.

Just because you’re not working in a coal mine doesn’t mean you should kill yourself sitting. So do something about it.

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Disclaimer: Furinno provided the model for this review, with no additional influence or compensation.


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