How Furinno Work with Bloggers

How Furinno work with you

We work with bloggers on furniture makeover and DIY projects to guest posts on Read below to get more information.
Bloggers write posts or do DIY projects for on a specific topic that relevant to our customers. mainly sell RTA furniture and mattress, we have variety products that can fit almost any room and space that could relevant to our customers and inspiration. asks bloggers from seasonal challenge to provide more DIY ideas to our customers from various online retail channels. Such as furniture makeover asks bloggers in the challenge program to submit four posts per year on a seasonal topic.

Become a partner blogger

Furniture makeover is to provide more DIY ideas and not only the furniture they purchase, but to add more value to the item that customer purchased. Furniture makeover is to inspire who thinking more than what the furniture they are, what they are seeking for is smart, creative and fresh ideas. As a blogger with will be a DIY- loving blogger who can share and link the inspiration to their follower.


  • Your blog must cover: décor, life and family, DIY, or similar
  • Your blog must not feature offensive material
  • Please publish of a high-quality full tutorial with least four photos.

In addition to having your profile and a link to your blog featured on, Bloggers are eligible to have following opportunities:

  • Could have a link to head back to blogger’s webpage for the full tutorial.
  • Involvement in exciting campaigns (DIY challenges, live events, decorating projects, and more)
  • Free product
  • All the shipping fee covered by (including Canada)
  • Special offers and giveaways for your readers

Before start work with us

Please provide below information and email us,

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Blog name/ URL
  • Blog birthday(MM/DD/YY)
  • How often do you post?
  • Monthly page views (approximately)
  • Number of subscribers (RSS feed)
  • Please provide links to your social media pages (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Partner Bloggers FAQ:

When is the date of the challenge? When is the timeline? What is the deadline? What are the rules?
Please complete the project in four weeks after you receive the product. And get feedback to us in four weeks after you receive the product.

Am I able to alter the furniture at all for the challenge? Can I make over the furniture and paint etc? Are you looking for any type of furniture makeover in particular? A particular theme or piece? Or just anything using one of Furinno's products?
Yes, exert your imagination and creation.

Where will the original post be posted? On my blog with links to Furino, etc? Will all of the makeovers be shared on your webpage with a link back to my blog for the how to?
It will be post on Furinno’ website and other social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. and link back to your page and also you can post on your own blog page or other social media

What are the expectations?
We will expect our partner bloggers could honor what they bring to their follower and also inspire our customers to get more ideas for them to relevant they are not just purchase a furniture but could bring more fun and creation to their own life.