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Thank you so much for your interest in our product. If you live in the US, you can find our products in all major online retailers:


Other authorized sellers:

  • 123Stores
  • Benzara
  • BisonOffice
  • Goedeker’s
  • MyeHut
  • OJCommerce
  • Spreetail
  • Vir Ventures

*Purchases made through unauthorized sellers are not covered by our warranty

If you are not sure whether a seller is authorized or not, please feel free to contact us at

We are proud to offer our products to customers in other countries through our strategic business partners. You may find our products in the following online retailers if you live outside of the US:


You should receive an order confirmation email with each purchase, which you can save as a receipt. Otherwise, you can always go to the order section of your account, send another email or print the page as a PDF/ CSV file to save/download.

If you did not order through, please contact the channel (e.g. Amazon) that you purchased the product from.

If you did not order through, please contact the channel (e.g. Walmart ) that you purchased the product from. We are not authorized to take your returns from other channels.

We offer replacement parts for all orders made through our authorized sellers in the 48 contiguous states of the US. Please submit your request to our customer support within 6 weeks of the purchase date. If it has past the 6 week period, your items may still qualify for our limited warranty. Please check the warranty section to see more details.

*For Wayfair orders, please contact their customer service. You can contact us after Wayfair’s 30-day return window expires.

Please feel free to send us an email at and we will be more than happy to give you updates about the products you are looking for.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Delivery dates for stock are only estimates, and due to our current supply situation, we have been experiencing delays in our shipments. We can notify you when your product(s) are back in stock.

Not necessarily. A long delay in availability can happen if we are expecting supply to eventually arrive back at our stores. If a product is discontinued, it will be completely removed from the website.

You can check the box or assembly instructions you received. You can also find information on the product pages of each channel.

Ready-to-Assemble Furniture

Furinno products should be built according to their assembly instructions and used for their intended purposes. We do not recommend altering the structure of the product. Altering the products will void the warranties.

If your item doesn’t come with assembly instructions, you may find it here by searching the model number. If you are having trouble finding it, please present the model number (e.g.11158EX/BR) or full name of the product to our customer support.

We have some assembly assistance videos available here. If this doesn’t solve your problems, please send your questions to our customer support. Attaching some pictures or videos could help us solve your issue faster.

Unfortunately we do not offer assembly services. Some of our business partners such as Amazon and Wayfair offer 3rd party assembly services that you could purchase.


Removing the cover may expose the fire retardant material, which may cause allergy. The manufacturer warranty will void if the cover is unzipped or washed. To keep your mattress in good condition, we suggest using a waterproof mattress protector and a proper foundation for the mattress. For more information on warranties, please check it here.

To keep your mattress in good condition longer, we recommend:

  • Use a waterproof mattress protector from the beginning
  • Use a proper foundation
  • Keep good airflow under the mattress
  • Keep the airflow going in your bedroom, even when you’re away

If you are using slats, they must be no more than 3-4 inches apart and that there’s a center support for queen sized frames and above.

Yes, it is safe to sleep on the first night. However, it may take up to 72 hours for the mattress to completely decompress to its original shape.

You may spot clean your Furinno mattress and topper with a mild soap and clean towel. It is best not to drench the foam and always use a mattress protector to prevent any liquids from penetrating.

Platform Bed Frames

Please unzip the back of the headboard to locate the rest of the parts. If the parts are not in the compartment of the hearboard, please contact our customer support.

We always recommend checking the dimensions before making the decision. As long as the base of your adjustable bed can fit inside our platform bed frame, then you can use it. You will not need to assemble the slats if you are using your adjustable bed.

It depends on which model you purchased. Please check the product listing for details.

Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Although the teak oil adds protection to the wooden furniture, it is still recommended to cover the furniture for severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.

To keep your outdoor wooden furniture in good condition longer, we recommend:

  • Treat with wood oil at least once a year
  • Tighten any fittings as needed periodically
  • Cover or store your furniture to protect it from ice and snow

It is common to see oil stains when you wipe your wooden furniture. Your furniture has been soaked in teak oil and air dried. There may be excessive oil remaining in the wood. It is recommended to wipe down the furniture completely with a piece of damp cloth before using it.

Our wooden furniture is made of natural hardwood. Natural hardwood boards vary in color from board to board. Every piece you get is different. This variation is part of the wood’s beauty and it is normal.

Replacement Parts (RMA)

Our customer support will send you a confirmation email with an RMA order number. If the parts you request are not available, alternative solutions will be offered in the confirmation email. It may take up to 1 week to receive the confirmation email. Please do not submit duplicate requests.

RMA orders are usually shipped in 3-5 business days after the confirmation. Delivery generally takes about 4-7 days after shipping. This is subject to change due to carrier service limitations, holidays, and inclement weather.

You may contact our customer support to inquire the tracking number 3 days after the confirmation of your order.

You can cancel or change orders that have not yet been shipped by notifying our customer support.

Ordering replacement parts for past purchases are subject to availability. Please send all the necessary information below to our customer support in email or select part purchase in our FB Messenger chatbot.

  • Model Number & Color (e.g.11158EX/BR)
  • Parts Number & Quantity (e.g. Part A Top Panel-1 pc)
  • Email address to receive PayPal Invoice
  • Full name & Shipping Address*
  • Phone Number

If you are not sure of the model and parts of the product, you may attach a receipt and a picture of the product as additional information.

*Limited shipping service to 48 continental states of US

Paypal invoice will be sent upon your confirmation. We accept a variety of online payment methods. Please provide your transaction receipt as proof of payment.

If you can’t find the answer here, you can submit your question to our customer support: or

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